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January 28, 2014
Category: Laser Treatments
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We are having a special on  January 30, 2014 for fungus removal by laser.  We are offering 1 foot for $99.00 and both feet $175.00  This is good for ONE day only so be sure to call our office ASAP at 423-622-2663!

January 06, 2014
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Tags: laser   nails         It's a brand new year and I constantly see both male and female patient's with a great concern for fungus nails.  There are a few ways to treat this issue.  Many of my patients are concerned mainly because of appearance.  I know it is not pretty but get control of it before it gets control of you!  There is an option to use Lamisil. That is a oral medication that does have success but there are a few downfalls.  There will be blood tests every 6-8 weeks, possible liver damage and possible lost of taste.  I enjoy great tasting foods and I enjoy having a happy, functional liver.  Some people do want to try it because of cost.  There are topical medications for you to purchase at your podiatry office.  Certain topicals in a  podiatry office will come with a money back guarantee.  The final treatment offered is laser.  This has been a very effective way of treating fungus.  Some machines offer 1 treatment and they say that ONLY one treatment will cure it.  Here at my office we do a treatment once a month for 3 consecutive months.  If you have questions, call the office and hopefully get your feet back to smiling.