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Posts for: June, 2014

June 22, 2014

      We are pleased to announce a NEW TECHNOLOGY in our office.  This is the enPuls - also known as Radial Pulse Therapy.  This is a new non-surgical treatment for heel pain.  It is effective for both PLANTAR FASCIITIS (pain in the bottom of the heel and/or arch area due to a tight and inflamed plantar fascia) AND ACHILLES TENDONITIS (pain in the back of the heel and lower leg/ankle).  The treatment requires NO anesthesia and there is little or no discomfort during treatment.  While relief is almost always seen with even one treatment, usually 5 treatment sessions of 10 to 15 minutes each are needed for complete resolution of pain.  For some people, who have been trhough injections, physical therapy, pills, shoe modifications and orthotics with little or no relief, this can be LIFE CHANGING!  This is cutting edge technology, and the enPuls is new to this area.  The next closest facility with this is in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are pleased to bring the enPuls to Chattanooga !