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Posts for: August, 2015

PODIATRIC MEDICINE is not often considered an "Alternative" healthcare field.  Recent advances in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions, especially those that have arisen out of technological advancements, have given birth to a whole new host of treatment options that can not be considered surgical, and certainly don't fit the usual definition of "medicine."  These include such modalities as SHOCKWAVE TREATMENT,  COLD LASER TECHNOLOGY, CLASS FOUR LASER TREATMENT, OZONE THERAPY,    NUTRITIONAL THERAPY,  NAIL LASER TREATMENT, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and the list goes on!  

I am very happy to announce the premier of LASER FOCUSED FOOTCARE!  This is a Podcast I have developed to inform patients, prospective patients, and other interested parties about the many available treatment alternatives for foot and ankle pathology.  About once a week, I will discuss traditional, as well as "alternative", treatments for foot and ankle conditions.  I call it Laser Focused Footcare since  I have a profound interest in LASER therapy for pain and inflammation, as well as nail and skin conditions affecting the lower extremities.  I am developing and refining protocols for treatment of peripheral neuropathy using a combination of Cold Laser Therapy, Class Four Laser Therapy, and Vitamin/nutritional support.  This is a very innovative approach, and is DRUG FREE.    I still feel there is a place for TRADITIONAL therapies - and often write prescriptions for Gabapentin for neuropathy, NSAIDS for arthritis, give STEROID INJECTIONS for heel pain, and do BUNION SURGERY - when indicated.  I believe the public needs to be AWARE of all treatment options, educated on those options, and then make an informed decision.  Please join me by becoming a subscriber - SIGN UP IS FREE, but you need an iTunes account.   Once again - find my Podcast under Alternative Health - LASER FOCUSED FOOTCARE by Dr. Richard Eby.   Thanks for taking a step in the right direction!

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