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December 07, 2014
Category: Nail Treatments
Tags: foot   heel   alternative   plantar fasciitis  

  Whether we are talking about PLANTAR FASCIITIS (the most common cause of heel pain) or RETROCALCANEAL SPUR with Achilles Tendonitis, there are MANY available treatments.  Traditonal treatments for heel pain, which are usually tried first, include stretching exercises, NSAIDs (oral anti-inflammatories), ice, heat, rest,  heel cups, heel lifts, shoe modifications, over the counter supports or insoles, custom orthotic devices, night splint/AFOs, topical pain creams and rubs, steroid injections, physical therapy, and of course if all else 

Then...there are a number of "alternative" treatments.  Some of these are fairly common, while others are a little more unusual.  Today, we will give a general overview of these available alternatives, all of which are non-surgical, and will cover many of them in much more detail in later posts.  So, here they are, in no particular order:  SHOCKWAVE (low energy and high energy), PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic therapy), OZONE INJECTIONS,  PODIATHERM,  and LASER TREATMENT.  I am sure there are others, but for now we are talking of treatments that are NON-SURGICAL and/or NONINVASIVE  (the Podiatherm is an exception because it does involve making a small incision) treatments for heel pain. 

One could also include herbal medications and acupuncture, but since I have no experience in these treatments, I will not cover these,  and I am sure there are some others that are used in certain cases.  What most of these treatments have in common is that they have little or no known (serious) side effects,  are done for the soft tissue problem causing pain and not bone, are usually not covered under traditional health insurance plans, are not done by a large number of physicians, but in many cases they are more "natural" type treatments that can sometimes result in very good outcomes and in some cases can result in a "cure" more than , say, a cortisone type injection, which almost always "wears off" after a period of time. 

Additionally, most of these involve either increased oxygen to the tissues - either directly, as in the case of ozone, or indirectly, as with PRP or Shockwave, where there is an increase in inflammation and then increased bloodflow to the area.  The increased bloodflow also resulting in increased oxygen in the tissues.   The Podiatherm is again, a bit of an exception here, because it is used more for nerve pain (entrapment) in the heel, and primarily works by heating up the nerve and making the nerve non-functional and basically causes an area to become "numb."   On the next few posts, we will go a little deeper into these treatments.


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