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Our DIOWAVE LASER is a state-of-the-art CLASS IV Laser which we use daily in our office.   Patients see relief from many common foot ailments after just one treatment, although several treatments are usually needed for lasting relief.  This laser actually heals foot problems at a cellular level.   It is particularly helpful in managing the following conditions:

PLANTAR FASCIITIS......... The Diowave reduces and often eliminates heel pain without the use of injections, oral medications, or surgery. 

TENDONITIS..... Including Achilles tendonitis/tebosynovitis

ANKLE SPRAINS.... given as soon as possible after the injury, the Diowave laser reduces edema and pain, getting you back in the game a lot quicker

STRESS FRACTURES......along with immobilization in a walking boot or compression dressing, the Diowave heals bone faster

PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY......along with the Lunix ii "cold laser", symptoms of neuropathy improve very quickly. 


and there are MANY MANY more uses for this safe, effective, and very affordable treatment!   Call our office at 423-760-3115 for more information ir to set up an appointment.