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Heel and arch pain are more common than you may think. No matter the cause, this pain (also known as Plantar Fasciitis) can interfere with daily activities and quality of life. Pain is typically the strongest first thing in the morning or after a extended period of rest for the feet.
Fortunately, with proper diagnosis, there are many options
for treating and managing heel pain and arch pain.
Symptoms of Heel and/or Arch Pain
Common symptoms of plantar fasciitis include:
  • Pain on the bottom of the heel or in the arch
  • Pain with first step out of bed in the morning
  • Pain with first steps after sitting for a long time
  • Pain with or after standing or walking for long periods
  • Pain in increasing in intensity or frequency
Plantar fasciitis can be caused by:
  • Increase in activity
  • Foot structure - high arched foot or a flat foot
  • Unsupportive footwear
  • Walking or standing on hard surfaces
  • Weight gain
The best treatment for your heel or arch pain depends upon the cause as well as the severity of your symptoms. To determine the best course of action, schedule an in-office
consultation with Dr. Eby.
NOW!!!   Some NEW options to "heal your heel pain" WITHOUT SURGERY, DRUGS, OR INJECTIONS:
a. En-Puls Shockwave Treatment - an in-office procedure that alleviates most heel pain using high energy sound waves. 
b. Diowave Laser (High Energy Laser Therapy) - a natural approach to healing using LIGHT beams which requires NO anesthesia and NO down time